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become a media event

When we talk about “cultural product,” we are referring to both movable and immovable cultural goods: exhibitions, concerts, film festivals, book presentations, and anything to do with artistic expression in the narrow sense.

Structuring a culture marketing plan is a very complex operation in which it is necessary to take into account the many spin-offs that heritage promotion has on the economy of the area and on a social level.

Happee Place is able to create media events in the areas of culture, sports and entertainment by focusing on projects of the highest quality.

Ideas give life to challenges, which is the main element that induces to dare and create.

In fact, nowadays we are faced with the dynamic market of the third millennium that incorporates in its DNA the profound transformation determined by globalization: a universal language that unites worlds once distant from each other, generating a breaking down of cultural barriers that need a new way of “making culture.”

Ideas, images, experiences, visions run fast on the net generating the synergies that are required to allow initiatives to express themselves in all their essence.

The literacy process of the future has begun its countdown and we will support the territories to enable them to seize the great opportunities of the new Renaissance.

The power to be visionaries will be rewarded, and the oxygen of ideas is essential to translate imagination into reality.

A few of our art and culture projects