A new way to
enhance Italy's
cultural and local heritage

A groundbreaking program
to support the attractiveness of the country

Happee Place is a company specialized in territorial marketing

Our model aims to build a system capable of involving different types of private and public stakeholders by coordinating a multidimensional mix of interventions.
With an innovative, modern and managerial approach, we promote the attractiveness of the territory starting from the analysis of tangible and intangible resources, in order to define effective promotion strategies capable of making it an appealing product, capable of detecting Italian and international market demand.

Our strategy

  1. Analysis
  2. Mapping
  3. Design
  4. Training
  5. Marketing
  6. Promotion and Communication


A good “territorial formula” is one where the territory is understood not only as a physical place but also as a “ valuable space”: a kind of area in which culture, traditions, customs, knowledge, aspirations, and lifestyles converge.

And it is precisely the environmental resources combined with the value resources that make the identity of an area, which we promote through a series of strategic activities.

We emphasize the identity of an area

We carry out enhancement and promotion projects aimed at:

  • diffuse and enhance the image of the area
  • attract economic resources
  • promote investments
  • boost the development of entrepreneurial activities
  • encourage the increase of skills.

We provide a set of tools to attract resources, support businesses, and promote local development

  • strategic tools, to propose deals that meet multiple needs
  • IT tools, to facilitate access to the area’s bids
  • organizational and training tools, to support and increase local stakeholders’ skills
  • marketing tools, to produce and promote cultural and artistic events with great international media impact