G7 – Seven centuries of Italian art
From 13/06/2024
to 30/11/2024
Castello Normanno Svevo
- Mesagne (BR)
From 06/2024
to 12/2024
Parco Valle dei Templi di Agrigento
- Agrigento
From 29/03/2024
to 03/11/2024
Convitto delle Arti Museum
- Noto (SR)

Inspired by art,
moved by culture

H Art turns your smartphone
into a personal museum guide
during your next exhibition.

Brighten up your visit!
Download H Art and let it
tell you about the artworks.


Why should you download it?

We give you 4 good reasons

It is free and easy to use.
All you have to do is register, and you can quickly start using it by scanning the QR code you’ll find inside the museum.

Save time and money.
You won’t have to queue anymore or spend more money because you already have your audio guide with you and it’s actually your own smartphone.

It is reusable and sustainable.
At the next exhibition, just open the APP again and let us tell you about it! Let’s protect our environment together, no materials to be disposed of!

Create your own favorites list!
Save your favorite artworks and relive them whenever you want by accessing the APP and to exclusive content on the website.

But don't forget the earphones!

How does it work?

Easy, fast, and age-friendly!

Download and install H Art.
You will be asked for a small registration. First name, last name, email, age range, country. But you can also use one of your socials to register quickly.

Scan the QR code.
When you’re in the museum, open the APP and scan the QR code you’ll find at the entrance or the first work of your tour. You will be able instantly to view general information about the exhibition.

Listen to the description of the artwork.
Either scan the artwork’s QR code or enter the number found next to the artwork . Click on START and a voice will take you through the knowledge of beauty!

Save any artwork as your favorite!
Inside each page about the artwork there is a small heart. Click on it if you want to save the artwork as one of your favorites. You will be able to relive it via the APP or the website. Along with exclusive content.

Available for free on the App Store for iPhone.

Available for free on Google Play for Android.

Upcoming exhibitions


Need more information?

When registering, you will be asked for Email, First Name, Last Name, Nationality of Origin, Age Range, Password. You can alternatively use your Google or Apple accounts.

For Apple users, iOS 14.0 or higher is required.

Se dovessIf you encounter any problems, please contact us at info@happeeplace.iti riscontrare problemi ti invitiamo a scrivere all’indirizzo info@happeeplace.it