Inspired by art,
moved by culture

Museums, galleries and
historical sites with
so much to discover!

We have introduced new perspectives and interaction methods by working in collaboration with cultural institutions.

Why choose us?

We give you 5 good reasons

To break down the barriers between
art and people.

Enhancing the experience and understanding
of cultural heritage.

In a fluid way that allows anyone to connect with the surrounding culture, easy and ageless.

Providing cultural experiences that entertain and

Smartphones become tools of engagement with art rather than distraction.

How does it work?

The H Art app offers a new approach to accessing and enjoying cultural venues.

With simple language it accompanies users:

  • in learning and sharing knowledge of the historical and cultural context visited.
  • by exploring curiosities and opening perspectives on specific works of art.
  • through innovative “interactive storyguides” and “on & off line edugames experiences.”


Download the app, sign up and start using it.

To use the app, point your smartphone’s camera at the QR code or artwork your eyes are admiring, and in an instant you will view information to satisfy your curiosity on the screen of your phone.


Upcoming exhibitions